T4 Turbo Blanket - Carbon Fiber
T4 Turbo Blanket - Carbon Fiber
T4 Turbo Blanket - Carbon Fiber
T4 Turbo Blanket - Carbon Fiber
T4 Turbo Blanket - Carbon Fiber
T4 Turbo Blanket - Carbon Fiber
T4 Turbo Blanket - Carbon Fiber

T4 Turbo Blanket - Carbon Fiber


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Mk3 Turbo Blankets are designed for Additional Durability when removal is necessary, and up to 3x higher heat Insulation qualities over our previous Turbo Jackets.

Turbo Blankets are designed for your high performance car with a number of positive attributes in mind. So, what are the benefits of turbo blanket? With the turbine housing of a turbo reaching maximum temperatures of around 700°C, this can cause issues for all turbocharged vehicles, OEM or Modified, Race Car or Road Car.


A Funk Motorsport turbo blanket can help to:

–               Reduce Air Intake Temperatures, resulting in higher performance and more consistent performance figures.

–               Improve spool up times of your turbo.

–               Lower Engine bay temperatures.

–               Improve reliability of surrounding components in the engine bay

Whilst the new Funk Motorsport Mk3 turbo blanket offers the same benefits as our previous turbo jackets, the next iteration offers all new technology, unseen in the automotive aftermarket.

In development for the past 12 months, Funk Motorsport have produced a turbo blanket that is more durable and outperforms any other on the market. We have looked closely at each component of our turbo wrap and have provided upgrades in every area.

Each Mk3 turbo blanket has had extensive improvements to the following areas:

–               Specifically developed thread construction to allow for exceptional durability when removal is absolutely necessary. Our new fireproof ultra-high temperature Stainless Steel thread is around 1mm in diameter and can now remain highly durable with temperatures in excess of 1300°C.

–               New, thicker internal heat lagging insulation to provide up to 3x improved heat reduction. This insulation wool is created from a ceramic silica complex matting to improve durability over prolonged heat cycles, as well as insulation quantities.

–               4-layer construction for improved reliability

–               Uprated external Carbon Fibre twill and Titanium twill for an improved aesthetic and more durable finish.

–               ROHS tested and approved to ensure compliance and desired parameters are reached within our material selection.

–               New style Funk Motorsport emblem for safer handling qualities.

You could say that our Mk3. Turbo Jacket is an entirely new product, and in fact, you are 100% correct. Each area has been improved to create the best heat insulation for a turbo in the world!

Turbo Jackets (or turbo beanies) are a necessary improvement for all cars using a standard turbo or an aftermarket performance turbo.

Turbo shields work by keeping the heat contained within the exhaust gases, actually helping to accelerate the gas. This acceleration can aid spool up time as well as remove the heat energy from the system – faster!

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