Ethanol Content Sensor - #ECS
Looking to run flex-fuel? Then the Ethanol Content Sensor is a must have. The Ethanol Content Sensor measures the ratio of ethanol to petrol in a flex fuel vehicle. Compatible with all current Link Wire-In and Plugin ECU’s. Uses 1...
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Pressure Sensor (PS150)
SKU: 101-0080 Oil or Fuel pressure 10 Bar/150psi 1/8” NPT Thread Includes plug and pin kit Technical Specs and WiringUp to 150 PSI above atmospheric pressure, cannot be used to read vacuum0.5v = 0bar / 0PsiG4.5v = 10 Bar / 145.03PsiG
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Throttle Position Sensor (TPSCW/CCW)
SKU: 101-0100 Throttle Position Sensor. Supports clockwise and counter-clockwise installations. 6 wire flying lead. Wiring instructions are provided in the box.Features 8 mm D-Shaft Rotary Sensor Hall Effect non-contact technology Long life - extremely robust IP68 protection 32mm PCD mounting Redundant output...
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Knock Sensor (KNS)
SKU: 101-0053     Donut style 8mm hole Includes plug and pin kit   
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140 Bar Pressure Sensor
High-Pressure sensor for Liquid. Use for Fuel, Clutch, Brake, etc. 140 Bar/2030PSI 45degree cone seat M10x1 Thread Includes mating connector kit Technical Specs:Up to 2030 PSI above atmospheric pressure, cannot be used to read vacuumSee attached image for more. 
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Adapter M10 x 1 Female to 1/8 NPT Male
Stainless Steel thread adapter, M10 x 1 Female to 1/8 NPT Male, Adapts popular Bosch Metric Pressure Sensors to suit 1/8 NPT threaded ports.
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