KnockLink G4 - #G4KNL
SKU: 114-1000 KnockLink is a self-calibrating, visual knock warning tool. The KnockLink is designed for tuning, street and race use. Will require a knock sensor to function (sold separately) or you can purchase the KnockLink Kit that includes the Knock Sensor...
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Knock Sensor with Loom - #KNSB
SKU: 101-0054 Donut style 8mm Knock Sensor prewired with loom, flying leads. Suitable to wire directly to Link ECU or use with the G4 Knocklink Visual Warning Light.
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G4 KnockLink Kit - Includes Knock Sensor+Loom
SKU: 114-2000 Kit includes the G4 KnockLink visual warning light and a knock sensor with loom. The KnockLink is a self-calibrating, visual knock warning tool. This kit is designed for tuning, street and race use.The G4 KnockLink is the only detonation...
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KnockBlock G4+ - #KNB
SKU: 105-1000 The G4+ KnockBlock is an essential tool for tuning and can aid in the early detection of incorrect ignition timing, lean air/fuel mixtures and mechanical issues. It is used it with ear buds, headphones or noise cancelling ear muffs...
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Noise Cancelling Headphones - #NBHP
SKU: 100-0073 Protect your ears with these active noise cancelling earmuffs/headphones. Great when used in conjunction with the G4+ KnockBlock or use standalone. NoiseBuster PA4000 Over-the-Head ANR Safety Earmuffs On/off switch and power indicator Stereo input 3.5 mm audio jack Active noise...
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