Discount Page

This page is for current available discount codes!



Automatic discount codes ( Discount applied when products added to cart ) 

BANNER15 - Buy 2 Banners, get the 2nd one 15% off!

RAGS20 - Buy Shop Rag packs, get the 3rd for 20% off!

FLAG15 - Buy 2 window flags, get the 2nd for 15% off

CROC20 -  Buy 3 croc charm packs, get the 3rd for 20% off

TAGS15 - Buy any 2 key chains/jet tags, get the 2nd for 15% off

MIXNMATCH - Buy any 5 sticker and/or air fresheners and get the 5th one free! (you can buy 4 stickers and a AF, or 3 AF's and 2 decals, etc. mix and match.  As long as there are 5 total in your cart, the 5th will be free!)




Manual Discount codes ( Codes that need to be added at checkout ) 

CLUTCH5 - 5% Off all ACT Clutches 

HOLD10 - 10% Vent Cup holders