Link 4 Bar MAP Sensor (MAP4)
Link 4 Bar MAP Sensor (MAP4)
Link 4 Bar MAP Sensor (MAP4)

Link 4 Bar MAP Sensor (MAP4)


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SKU: 101-0165

The Link 4 Bar MAP sensor reads up to 4 Bar absolute pressure. This means that it is suitable for turbo or supercharged applications running up to 3.0 Bar (or 44psi) of boost pressure. The wiring pinout for this sensor is marked directly on the sensor.

Includes 3-pin Deutsch DTM connector kit
Easy to mount via 2 bolt holes. Note that the sensor should be mounted higher than the intake manifold port that the hose connects to.
Compact aluminium enclosure
Mechanical connection via 4mm (3/16″) hose connector nipple.
Using Link G4/G4+/G4X ECU’s just select the MAP sensor type in PC Link as ‘Link 4 Bar’


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