E46 Axle Spacers
  BMW Axle Spacers Breaking or getting noisy axles often? This is commonly caused by the axle joints being overextended from your car being lowered and/or having an aggressive alignment. With these axle spacers you can give your axles some breathing room and...
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M50 Manifold Swap Templates and Hardware
M50 Manifold Swap Templates and Hardware This kit includes the templates needed to port match the M50 intake and M52TU/M54 cylinder head and the hardware required to plug the ICV ports.    Great for M52TU users who don't need our...
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M50 Intake Manifold Adapter Kit
M50 Intake Manifold Adapter Full Kit New Updated Design!   Get all of the benefits of the legendary BMW M50 intake manifold on your E46 or other M52TU/M54 powered BMW, without the hassle. Retain the ability to revert to the...
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Short Hubs - E46
Our iconic Short Hub, and the product that started it all. This hub was designed with our Quick Release in mind, featuring the shortest possible mounting surface while still retaining the ability to use your horn and turn signals about...
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BMW E46 & Z4 Dual Caliper Bracket Kits
SEEMS LEGIT GARAGE - BMW E46 & Z4 Dual Caliper Bracket Kits The Original BMW Dual Caliper Solution! This dual caliper bracket kit is the easiest and least intrusive way to install a true Formula Drift style secondary/dual caliper hydraulic handbrake...
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E46 Non-M HD Differential Mount Kit
E46 Non-M HD Differential Mount Kit Another E46 part designed from the ground up by SLG that nobody else offers! This is for when you need the next level of protection from subframe and axle failures!  The factory E46 differential...
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